A Twisted Spine

Age 17                                         Age 30

Age 50                                       Age 84

Chronic Pain/ Joint Dysfunction

Conditions treated:

  • Headaches

  • Neck Pain

  • Low Back pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Hip pain/Sciatica pain

  • Knee pain/ Foot pain/ Plantar fasciitis

  • Wrist/ elbow/ hand pain

  • Mid back pain

Chiropractic has been in existence since 1895 when Dr. Daniel David Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. Who regained his hearing after his adjustment. Thru the years chiropractors have treated their patients to remove nerve interference that obstructs the proper nerve flow between the Brain and the body. There are many different techniques used by chiropractors today. I have learned many and applied them in my practice throughout my career. During my early years in practice I struggled with the feeling I was helping a good majority of my patients regain function and rid them of their pain, but there were some who either felt worse after their adjustments or never progressed to have the results they were looking for. This got me wondering if there was a better way of analyzing the spine that could garner more consistent and predictable results.

By chance I came across a new technique called Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC) it was developed by Dr. Jessie Jutkowitz DC. Dr. Jutkowitz before becoming a chiropractor was an engineer and he too felt there had to be a better protocol of analyzing the spine to achieve consistent predictable results. Upon years of research Dr. Jutkowitz discovered that the bones of the spine get pushed out of place in a direction the body can not self correct. He realized that the spinal bones needing to be adjusted were not always the ones causing pain in an area of the back or neck, but could be above or below the area of pain. When we look at the spine it has muscles on all sides of the vertebrae except on the back of the bones. This was a revelation in understanding why once a bone moves out of place in a forward direction the body does not have any musculature to pull the bone back into place itself. If the bone were to move to the right or left or even backwards, your spinal bones have muscles that can pull them back into alignment. This also addressed the issue of why do spines become twisted up like a cork screw or a spring? When bones of the spine forward the body compensates for this by turning the spinal bones above and below the bone that has fallen forward to readjust the bodies posture to be more level with the horizon. Your body is very adaptable and can continue to make many twits so that you are not all hunched over looking at the ground. However if these compensations and the initial misaligned bones are not corrected the spine will first come to a point where it can no longer adapt and mechanical dysfunction happens. Have you ever heard or maybe this is you, "I just bent over to pick up a pen off the floor and I couldn't stand back up I felt sharp pain I do that all the time why did this happen now?"  This occurs when the spine can no longer adapt and compensate and the spine is locked in a position of mechanical dysfunction and can not move properly causing pain, dysfunction and also underlying conditions related to nerve interference. ABC addresses these bio mechanical issues finding the specific bone or bones that have fallen forward and with a gentle non-force adjustment i am able to realign the bones. Once the initial bones that have fallen forward are put back in the proper place the bones above and below that segment of the spine are able to unwind themselves releasing the compensations. 

If left untreated over time a spine that is all twisted up can go from looking normal to looking like you have a hunchback hump on your back that is swollen and puffy. you neck crane's out in front of your body and then compensates drastically by curving drastically backwards toward your shoulders in attempt to keep you eyes level with the horizon. The process to get there looks something like the pictures to the left. The four spines to the left are pictures of my patients who came to see me at different times in the life. They are four different patients.


The first is a 17 year female who was having headaches and neck pain. If your look at her neck she has lost the normal C shape a neck should have from the side and it is even slightly fallen forward toward her feet.


The next X-ray is from a 30 year female who came in for constant migraine headaches, dizziness, fatigue, neck pain, arm pain and numbness. If you look at her X-ray you will she her neck is instead of curving back over her ear which is normal, her neck is curving the opposite direction toward her feet. This puts abnormal pressure on the brain, brain stem and spinal cord. It stretches the cord and pulls on all the nerves that branch out of the spine going to your organs, tissues and cells.


Our next pictures shows a 50 year old female who started suffering with Cervical Dystonia also know as spasmodic torticollis, headaches, low back and hip pain. If you look at the picture of her neck you will see the base of her neck curves slightly back toward her shoulders, then the middle curves forward toward her feet and then curves back at the top of the neck near the skull back towards her shoulders. It looks like a wave. This curve pattern also causes abnormal pressure on the brain, brain stem and spinal cord. It stretches the cord and pulls on all the nerves that branch out of the spine going to your organs, tissues and cells. Which can cause all of her symptoms. After ABC treatment I was able to re-position her spine and return a more normal neck curve and her symptoms went away.


The fourth picture is of an 84 year old male who had never corrected his abnormal spinal curves. When he came into my office and told me how much pain he was in I was in hopes I could give him some relief. After taking his X-rays and reviewing them I sat down and cried. Because his entire neck was so degenerated that there were no longer any discs at the top of his neck. This meant no wholes for the nerves to go out of. They were choked off and dying. If you look at his picture you will see how the base of his neck is almost parallel with his shoulders instead of level. His neck curves dramatically forward toward his feet creating the look of a crane neck and the top portion is about a foot away from his shoulders. Your ear should be centered over your shoulder for normal neck curve. I was unable to help this patient he waited too long. I show you these pictures not to scare you but to help you understand two things. First don't wait if you start to have symptoms and your body is in a dysfunctional state, the longer you wait the longer it takes to correct and if you wait to long it may be hard to correct at all. Second if caught in the early stages of degeneration there is help for you and we can stop the process and begin to correct the curves.


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