Adjustments for kids Smart Enegy Healing Silverdale, WA

Pediatric Adjustments

Smart Energy Healing offers Pediatric Adjustments to children ages 0 to 13. We are centrally located in the heart of Silverdale on Ridgetop Blvd. Did you know by the age of 10 most American children have had over 2000 traumas to their spines. Most people think Chiropractic adjustments are for only adults, but that is not true. Children need Chiropractic care too. Kids are rapidly growing and need their nervous system to function at peak performance so they can make these rapid changes without pain and dysfunction. Kids heal fast with Chiropractic care, have increased immune systems, sleep better, and are able to concentrate better in school.

Is Chiropractic adjustments safe for Kids?

Studies have shown pediatric Chiropractic adjustments to be both safe and effective. A survey was conducted in the Boston area in 1998 where it was estimated that approximately 420,000 pediatric chiropractic treatments were performed in one year. This study further showed chiropractic care for children was very safe, compared to using medication to treat issues for children which has been studied that medical errors and adverse drug events are three times higher in children and substantially higher still for neonates. (2)


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How can Chiropractic help children?

One of the most common reasons children go to see a chiropractor is for ear infections. When the neck gets out of alignment it can prevent normal alignment of the Eustachian tubes. By adjusting the neck back into proper alignment pressure is released from the ear allowing drainage and reduction is pain. One of the most dramatic changes I have seen is torticollis.  Torticollis is when a childs neck is gets stuck in one position usually turned or leaned to one side. it is painful and the child cries when they try to turn their head. I have personally treated many children with this issue and within one or two visits the child can move their head without pain or restriction. Overall chiropractic is a low risk high reward form of treatment for a number of issues, which include colic, trouble breastfeeding, constipation, acid reflux, bed wetting, birth trauma, headaches, neck pain, fever, growing pains and concentration issues to name a few.

I have two boys, 3 and 6 years old they are rambunctious to say the least and on a daily basis are bumping their heads, falling down banging themselves into things, causing small to medium sized traumas to their spines and nervous systems. They have had their issues from bed wetting, to ear infections, and aches and pain.  I am so grateful that I know about chiropractic and  have been able to help them with these issues.  It hurts me to think that there could be children hurting, and suffering that could easily be helped with a gentile adjustment.  Please call me and ask me some questions.