Nutritional Therapy

to Repair Nutritional Deficiencies


The goal of working with a Nutritional Therapist is to help people become more knowledgeable about—and responsible for—their own health. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) helps individuals reach their optimal level of overall health by supporting and bringing balance to the five foundations listed below. All five are built upon a single, solid base: a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet.

• Digestion

• Blood Sugar Regulation

• Fatty Acid Balance

• Mineral Balance

• Hydration

By supporting each of these foundations and helping clients adopt a more nutrient-dense diet,the body's chemistry can be brought back into natural balance, setting the stage for optimal health.

NTP's do not diagnosis or treat specific conditions, we focus on improving foundational health through balancing a person's nutrition and lifestyle.  Our bodies are made to run at optimal health, however during our lives we experience thoughts, traumas and toxins that alter our bodies ability to continue running optimally. Symptoms start to arise and these symptoms are our bodies way of signaling us that something is wrong. The more we ignore or try to suppress these symptoms, the more things in our bodies get out of balance. NTP's look for foods and nutrients that can help repair the foundations of health and help bodies come back to balance.

How does this process work?

  • We always begin this process with a 15 minute phone consultation to get to know what health issues you have been dealing with so we can get a better idea if nutritional therapy may be right for you.

  • If we agree to begin with a new client appointment, you will be sent an initial client questionnaire and a nutritional assessment questionnaire and a food mood journal. Each of these questionnaires helps lead us to possible nutritional deficiencies, dietary & life style needs. This first visit helps us get a big picture of your bodies current function in regards to how you are digesting, absorbing and processing your food, along with how well you are metabolizing what you are eating for the management of energy in your body. This first appointment takes 1.5 hours, a detailed history will be taken, with a comprehensive physical examination to find the imbalances of the body and what nutrients will begin to help the body find a regained balance and begin its process of healing.  

  •  How often do I see my Nutritional Therapist Practitioner?

    • Initially you may see your NTP weekly or every other week for the first month or two depending on how much dysfunction is going on in your body, these appointments are 30 minutes. Visits start to become more spaced out where we meet monthly to check your progress and adjust your protocols as your body continues to heal. Our goal in Nutritional therapy is help regain a balance in the bodies foundational health through whole foods. Part of this process is finding what specific foods your body needs to help regain your health, along with some supplemental support to get the healing process jump started, when your body is not currently digesting your food enough so that you are getting the nutrition of it into your body. All protocols are customized to each person, since no two people are exactly alike.