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Neck pain is a growing problem in today's world. Whether it be too many hours sitting at your desk, driving in your car, sitting on your couch, or using your cell phone, today's world puts our bodies in positions that put abnormal stress to our necks. Causing a multitude of problems from muscle & ligament strain to spinal misalignment's. When this occurs you can start to get symptoms of neck stiffness, achy or sharp pain, burning muscle pain, headaches or even pain or numbness in your arms and hands.


Your head weighs about 10 to 12 lbs and your body is designed to have it directly aligned centered over your shoulders. In simpler terms your ears should be directly aligned over your shoulders. For every centimeter your ear is forward away from shoulders it is like adding an extra 10-12lbs of weight onto your neck and upper back. Have you ever held a bowling ball? When you hold it close to your body it weighs the amount that is says on the ball, but as you move it away from your body and hold it out in front of you it gets increasingly heavier, forcing you to work harder to hold it up. Same thing happens when your head is forward especially if it gets stuck that way.

Every day you perform tasks that place your body in positions that cause your head to lean forward. For instance when you use your cell phone do you normally hold it up in the air so it is level with your face? Most likely not, most people hold their cell phone near their lap and look down. This posture over time causes the shape of your neck to change, causing a forward head posture. It is easy to see if you currently have forward head posture, have someone take a photo of you from the side and see if your ear lines up over your shoulder. If it doesn't you have lost the natural curve in your neck causing abnormal pressure to be placed on your neck and upper back.

This abnormal pressure can be released and a more normal neck curve can be restored. Once the pressure is taken off your spine, muscles relax, and your pain should immediately lessen. Here at Smart Energy Healing we treat patients with Neck pain of all ages. More and More we see children with neck pain and headaches at very young ages from all of the forward postures they repeatedly are in day in and day out. Left untreated over time the condition gets worse causing increased frequency and increased pain levels. If left untreated for years spinal degeneration of the neck occurs causing narrowing of nerve openings from the spine thus pinching off nerves. Structural issues are one of the many causes of neck pain. Others include toxicity in the body, allergies to something you eat, or even hormonal imbalances. If you are a current neck pain suffer we suggest a consultation to find the true cause of your neck pain. We perform specific tests to find the true cause of your neck pain most other doctors do not. Because we perform these tests we get results most doctors do not. Call us at (360) 215-7246 to Schedule or Book online.

  For a Free copy of our video "3 Simple Techniques to Reduce Neck Pain" click the button below

For a Free copy of our video

"3 Simple Techniques to Reduce Neck Pain" click the button below

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