Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT)

MFT is a unique process which combines energetic and nutritional healing. The Morphogenic Field or (M-Field) is an extension of the healing energy of the nervous system. It plays a roll in interpreting the environment around your body and is always searching for matching and mis matching energies. It is like a personal radar system. Science has shown that everything in the universe has a unique energy signature.

MFT utilizes organic supplementation by Standard Process to increase and balance your energy field we call the M-Field. A healthy energy field should extend about 6 to 8 feet around your body and be balanced in size on all sides. People who have these large balanced fields tend to have high energy throughout the day, are less prone to infection or sickness and do not suffer from pain or conditions. When your energy field is diminished to 0 to 3 feet around your body and is not balanced in size on all sides. You can experience low energy throughout the day, be prone to infection or sickness, exhibit pain in areas of the body and have conditions of disease. A small M-Field reveals a challenged nervous system, while a large M-field translates into a ramped up or amplified healing ability.

Everyday your body reproduces 70 billion cells. To accomplish this the body needs; Water, proper digestion, Essential fatty acids, energy management, minerals, Protomorphogens (PMG) and drainage of toxins. It also needs to be free of Scarring, Toxins, and Geopathic stress. Lets discuss further why each one of these is important.

  • Water

Water is the most important nutrient we need, without it we would die. Water helps maintain  the bodies electrical current providing cellular communication. Water lubricates our joints, regulates body temperature, removes waste/toxins, provides oxygen to cells, and absorbs shock to our organs.

  • Digestion

There are three important processes to digestion that need to be working properly to build healthy cells. They are proper production of (HCL) Hydrochloric Acid from the stomach to digest protein, Enzymes from the pancreas to digest complex carbohydrates and proteins, and third sufficient bile from gallbladder available to emulsify the fats.

  • Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are the main component of the cell membrane. We should consume about 30% of these fatty acids in our daily diet. Fatty acids provide long term energy, they from a protective lining for our organs, help regulate nutritional absorption in the small intestine, Allow the absorption of fat soluble vitamins like A, D,E & K, Provide the building block of the cell membrane and make food taste great.

  • Minerals

Minerals make up about 4% of our daily diet. They are primarily made up of 7 macro minerals Calcium is at the top of the list followed by Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Sodium, and Chloride. The function of these minerals is to aide in the contraction and relaxation of muscles, provide structural support, maintain PH balance, aide in nutrient transport across the cell membrane, provide proper nerve conduction, and maintain osmosis.

  • Protomorphogens (PMG)

PMG's provide the cells with a set of specific set of blue prints which are the basis of the particle types of cells in the body. For example the basic blue print for a cell in the Lung is different than the blue print in the Heart or Liver. When a cell is duplicating itself it has to create a second set of DNA blue prints for that type of cell. There are small particles which hold the DNA together and if there are not enough of these small particles the DNA will not be as strong as it should be. PMG's also provide the raw building blocks that are needed to complete the construction of the DNA. Just like when building a house you need a dozen blue prints to make sure everyone is building each area of the house to the master plan and high quality materials like to make the home structurally sound. Without these available the building blocks available the body will find less than optimal material to finish the construction of the cell making it weak.

  • Removal of Toxins

Cells can not reproduce in a toxic environment and to heal the body need to be avoided. The trick to this is you have to know which toxins your body needs to eliminate, then you have to know which is the best pathway to eliminate it out of the body, such as urinary, digestion, lymph, or skin. Then you have to know which substance or compound is going to be the best at binding the toxins so that it can be removed from the body through the best pathway. MFT is able to answer these three questions.

  • Scarring

Scarring any break in the skin such as cuts, abrasions, wounds, surgeries, tattoos, piercings, and punctures. Scarring creates neurological confusion in the body. Scarring disrupts the flow of energy thru the body most times causing a shift in polarity around the scar. It can interfer in your bodies ability to heal properly. It also can create inaccurate findings when reading an M-field and must be removed prior to an MFT treatment.

  • Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress is natural and unnatural low grade radiation. Natural causes are from the sun, gravity, and the plates of the Earth. Unnatural causes are Cell phones, microwaves, imaging equipment, transformers, televisions, all electrical devices like computer and electrical wiring. When such patterns come in close contact or the constant exposure to the human M-field a resonance occurs and the bodies cell structure is immediately effected. Geopathic stress can interfere with the strength of your M-field.

When these core nutrients of the body are not either present or in low supply, the cells reproduced do not always turn out to be of the best quality. When you do not have enough energy needed to generate the cells not enough will be reproduced, your energy is depleted from other areas of the body on a continual basis and you just can't keep up. Daily fatigue is perpetuated and will continue to get worse.

MFT is a communication tool where we talk to your nervous system through you M-Field asking it specific questions of what systems and organs are not functioning correctly and ask what nutritional supplementation would help support that system or organ to re-balance.  MFT also identifies toxic energies in the body like heavy metals, pesticides, and food toxins like GMO's. Once identified MFT asks questions of which supplementation would be best to support elimination of those toxins from the body. When the body is provided the nutrition it needs to regenerate cells and nutrition that help eliminate toxins you energy field will increase and balance amplifying your bodies healing ability.

MFT Creates Instant Blood Changes

Healthy blood when viewed under a microscope the red blood cells will look   uniformly round and they float freely in the plasma like balloons. This Video Shows five blood samples demonstrating Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) having a direct effect on the change of red blood cells after standing in front of a smart meter, eating GMO foods and what happens when a MFT protocol is formed and the right nutrition is introduced into the body how quickly the blood cells can repair themselves. NOTE: All five blood samples were taken within a one hour time frame The Kellogg's Corn Flakes video shows the blood cells have lost the normal polarity that keeps them separated. This is a common finding on Darkfield when a person eats a food that is not compatible with their body. The main problem is the clumped blood cells, which carry oxygen, cannot deliver that oxygen efficiently to the tissues of the body, usurping its primary function. We can repeatedly demonstrate that GMO foods create these types of blood changes, since they do not match the body's energy field, they do not nourish the body--the primary function of food. Therefore, it is not recognized as food to a normal body.