Do We Accept Insurance?

I believe the care you receive in my office should be between you and me, your doctor. Not dictated by your insurance company. In more recent years I have witnessed private insurance companies like Premera, Regence, Aetna and Cigna raise the prices of premiums and then raise the amount you the patient have to pay out in copays and deductibles to your providers before the insurance company contributes anything toward you care. I have seen insurance companies place restriction and prior Authorizations in place which makes accessing the benefits you pay for much more difficult. Everyday I see patients whose deductibles are in the thousands of dollars and their copay's are more than the cost of my treatment.

Care in our office is simple. We list all of our services we provide on this website and the prices we charge. There are no hidden fees. You decide the level of care you want to commit to and pay as you go. Thus having no unexpected bills later. Not all of the services we offer in our office are covered by insurance. We will bill your insurance company directly if you chose and accept direct payment from your insurance company for all covered services.

My goal is for you to get out of pain, regain your energy and mobility to live life the way you want in the most efficient time possible with the least amount of cost. I have been practicing in Kitsap County for the last 12 years and have come to believe that my patients who do not have insurance coverage have more choices to health care that I provide, than my patients with insurance. My non-insurance patients are not limited by policy limits or restrictions, they have a free choice of the services they actually need.  They know up front what things are going to cost so they can make the best decisions about their health right now. We call your insurance coverage health care insurance, but it should be called sick care insurance. These plans are written to keep you sick. Let me explain, to access your chiropractic visit benefit you must have an acute or chronic condition with symptoms. This means unless you are in pain or not feeling good your insurance company will not pay. It is misleading to consumers who think they are purchasing a plan with 20 to 30 chiropractic visits and can only use 6 of them. I don't want to keep you sick or in pain so we can bill your insurance. I would rather treat the cause of your problems so they don't keep coming back.


I do accept Insurance because I believe some people would otherwise not have access to care. I accept Aetna, Regence, Regence FEP, First Choice Health, Kaiser PPO, VA Triwest, Medicare, Labor & Industries work related injury and Personal Injury Protection Plans. All other private insurance I am a non-participating provider and will bill your insurance out of network.