Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treated at Smart Energy Healing 98383

The three most common causes of Chronic Fatigue are abnormal nutrition absorption, toxic overload in the body, and abnormally functioning nervous system. All three of these are treatable. At Smart Energy Healing we use four main health strategies to address these problems. They are to re-establish normal nutritional absorption thru your digestive tract, balance nutritional deficiencies, remove toxins and bacterial over growths, and find the right style of eating for you.

What is Abnormal Nutritional Absorption?

Abnormal Nutritional Absorption is your bodies inability to absorb and/or digest the nutrition that you are eating. Without the proper nutrients needed daily the body can not create enough energy to sustain you. This depletion of nutrients is a compounding problem meaning the body can never catch up. This leaves you feeling extremely tired, and frustrated because no matter how much you try to sleep you never feel rested.

What is Toxic Overload?

We live in a toxic world and are bombarded on a daily basis with chemical and metal toxins that we breathe in, eat and put on our skin. Our bodies are meant to process and eliminate these toxins, but to do this the body requires the right amount of nutrients, protein and energy to be able to eliminate them. When the body does not have the right amount of these things the amount of toxins we consume daily, back-up in our bodies and are stored in our fat cells.  I think of it like a clogged sink, the water (or toxins) is still running and has no where to go and starts pouring into every part of your kitchen (body). Thus creating a Toxic Overload in your body.

Symptoms of Toxic Overload include:

  • Brain Fog/ Poor Concentration

  • Muscle and Joint pain

  • Fatigue

  • Memory Loss

  • Headaches

  • Learning disorders

  • and many more

What is an Abnormally Functioning Nervous System?

An abnormally functioning nervous system can be caused by a few different things. First you must understand that your nervous system consists of your brain, brain stem and the nerves that run down your spine and branch out to every organ, muscle, tissue and cell of your body. Without this system you would not be alive. The nervous system monitors and controls every function in your body from how many breathes you take to how fast your toenails grow. The brain is constantly monitoring and coordinating with all the systems in your body and it does this by sending signals thru the nerves in a never ending loop. This system is like a big circuit board. There are many pathways that the information flows thru and just like a circuit breaker in your home that gets tripped when the power is overloaded the circuits that connect the brain to the body get tripped by trauma, toxins, stress, pathologies, and immune challenges just to name a few.

But from time to time these stresses can push you past your usual ‘tolerance’ level – causing the signal between brain and body to become disconnected or "short-circuited". And because there is an interference and the signal is not getting through, your brain no longer has complete control of that particular area of your (body). When an area of your body is no longer controlled by the brain, it will stop functioning to its optimum and you then begin to experience symptom/s.  (There are over 600,000 possible symptoms that the body is capable of!)
Symptoms are your body's way of saying that things are not working as they should be or to ‘optimum health’. 

Chronic Fatigue can be caused by one or all of these issues and to be properly addressed it is important for us to understand which or all is effecting you. If you have been struggling with chronic fatigue and are tired of living with it I strongly urge you to call our office and schedule a Free Phone consultation. I strongly believe that there is an answer out there for everyone, we just have to ask the right questions.