Cranial Adjustments

Have Headaches? Get Your Head Checked

For a long time it was believed that the bones of the skull were fused in adults after age of 18. In the 1960's scientists found this to be untrue. What does this mean to you? It means that small and large traumas that occurred throughout your life could have knocked bones in your head out of alignment causing you pain and symptoms.  And the best part is that this can be corrected! 

In 1989 Dr. Rodger Turner DC attended his son's BMX race and witnessed his son's crash with another racer. His son was wearing a helmet, but the other racers bike handle went up under the helmet pushing against his son;s head. With in a couple of days his son was having trouble thinking, reading, doing math, even speaking. Dr. Turner was determined to find a solution to help his son. He developed Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.) for short, what he found was that there are 22 movable bones in the skull. After adjusting his son's skull within a few days he was back to normal. Since then he has helped with eliminating headaches, migraines, ADHD, learning disabilities, concussion, Non-Verbal Autistic children, insomnia, and brain fog to name a few.

When the bones of the skull are out of alignment three things happen

  •   Blood flow to the area of the brain is affected

  •  Abnormal pressure is put upon the brain

  • Abnormal signals are being triggered in the brain

These things lead to abnormal function and feeling. For example if there is pressure in the vision portion of the brain a person may see spots, blurred vision, dizziness and sensitivity to light.

Correction is very gentle and most people tell us it feels like a head massage. The treatment takes about 10 minutes per session and many people begin to see results after the first treatment. The number of treatments is determined by how many misaligned areas of the skull need to be treated and how long they have been out of alignment.

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