4 Keys to Reducing Fibromyalgia Symptoms

  1. Brain and Nervous system problems: The brain and nervous system control normal and optimum body functions.If communication from the brain is not at 100% then your body can not function the way it should. This includes any damage to the nerves such as; abnormal blood flow, and tension from abnormal alignment of the spine and skull bones.

  2. Addressing crucial Lifestyle habits: Dehydration,nutritional deficiencies, poor and sleeping habits. Most people are dehydrated. And frequently even people whom, drink water all day, are dehydrated. This is because when you take in large amounts of water you can often have an imbalance of electrolytes like salt.If you take in large amounts of water and not enough salt than you cannot use the water and your body.

  3. Toxicity: Our environment is full of toxins, from the air you breathe to the water you drink and the food you eat. Today it is not about avoiding toxins it is about reducing the amount of toxins you take in. There are strategies’ to reduce intake and programs that can be done to remove a significant amount of toxins from the body.

  4. Exhausted immune system: Fibromyalgia usually comes with many infections such as yeast, bacterial and viral.Often Fibromyalgia patients have multiple infections that must be addressed before they can get their symptoms under control.Then we have to boost their immune systems so that common colds and flu’s don’t cause a severe flare up.


Treatments we offer:

  1. Neurological Integrated System (NIS) With NIS, The brain is able to recognize and restore normal brain and body function. The brain is like the airport control tower. If it can communicate with everything around it, it can organize everything neatly. If there is a improper communication with any plane than the likely hood of an accident is high. This thought also applies to your body. If the control center (brain) does not have proper communication with the entire body, then the body will become weakened and malfunction causing many diseases, symptoms, and pain like fibromyalgia.

  2. C.A.T.S. Cranial Adjustments: When the bones of the skull are out of alignment three things happen Blood flow to the area of the brain is affected Abnormal pressure is put upon the brain Abnormal signals are being triggered in the brain. These things lead to abnormal function and feeling. These things can cause the brain to send miscommunication to areas of the body, like "pain". Correction is very gentle and most people tell us it feels like a head massage. The treatment takes about 10 minutes per session and many people begin to see results after the first treatment. The number of treatments is determined by how many misaligned areas of the skull need to be treated and how long they have been out of alignment.